Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting right poker technology

Nobody wants to lose users before they become valuable customers due to firewall issues or lack of required plug-ins. Before launching any kind of online casino portal, compiled your system with...

  • The user must not be bothered with additional technology.
  • Java or Flash? Wrong question. System should support both technologies: the user sees the version their PC supports best and is not confronted with system requirements list or installation guidelines
  • Speaking of seamless integration, wallet integration is a hot topic. A so-called 'in between wallet' is a good solution for testing or introduction, but in the long run, a deep-wallet integration is needed for getting the best conversation rates.
High conversion rates can only be achieved by developing game concepts that match user interest and technology that mini mises complexity.

E-wallet to facilitate mgamming

Sources: Egaming
Compiled by: online poker portal

probability Games Corporation has launched an e-wallet product, which will allow consumers to pay instantly for mobile gaming product.

'Cashish' allows users to deposit money anonymously via select e-pay terminals in newsagents, convenience stores and petrol stations across the UK. The product, developed in conjuction with e-pay, will use the strap line 'User your mobile to pay in cash'.

Customers will be able to hold a maximum of 90 pounds in their e-wallet at any one time and the account is directly linked to their mobile phone. Charles Cohen, chief executive of PGC, said: "Cash payment is the natural step for mobile content and mgamming in the UK".

He added that it would provide an anonymous, safe and instant way to pay cash for content and services on a mobile. Market analyst Mintel has estimated gambling account for 7% of the mobile content market.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007



What is Gambit?

Gambit is the intellectual playground for all those in the gaming, gambling and gambling industries - The intention is to provide a platform for networking, mental stimulation and interchanging of views-thoughts on an industry.

There is no charge to attend; the only investment you make is your time.

The next Gambit

Cass Business School, London, ECY 8TZ Marketing can make or break an online gaming company success, but simply having the biggest budget does not guarantee success. At the next Gambit we will be focusing on the current and future challenges facing online Gaming marketers with specific case studies and examples from the leading operators within this sector,. Question that will be addressed will include:

  • What types of marketing work in the online gaming sector? Online, above, Below, through the line, viral, or indeed multi-level marketing?

  • How do media and advertising agencies cope? Do they understand the ins and outs of the online Gaming sector?

  • What are the current regulations and legal issues that influence what you can and can't do?


By Poker.tj

Online poker at its peak - 2

Couple the social reason for friends playing poker with the strategy of how to play well. How to read people, and ultimately, how to make the right decision - to call, raise or fold. Poker is definitely a game of decision. The main one being, is the other guy bluffing or not? In real life poker, you not only have the cards and the bets to make your decision, but you have a lot of additional information at your disposal. Body language. Tell. Moods. Action. table image. Etc. All of this stuff, on its own, can be confusing.. but to a player who's experienced at non-verbal communication, it can all be useful in determining if someone is bluffing or has a genuine hand. We've heard it many times before, but in real life poker, you "play the player, not the cards".

So what happened to online poker? They took out the body lanuage. The moods. The tells. Much of the goading and chat went too. They took out almost every muance of the game that made it interesting. They left in just the cards, and the bets. Why? Because they could. No one knew that online poker could do that other stuff, Because the techonolgy eluded them. They focussed on the nub of the game but left out the social stuff? The fun stuff? The finess? and the strategy??

So, how can techonolgy help us out?

I come from the videogame industry. I've been making 3d comuter games for 24 years. My first one was made when I was 16 years old. We're used to making things fun, and we're used to making things appeal to millions of players. Many of the games I have been involved with have sold millions of copies. Some have even sold a millions copies on the first day! We're also used to working to tight deadlines, and creating new technology to solve big problems.

Poker was itching for some new technology. Every single poker room that's available today is still in the "dark ages" likened to 20 years ago's computer game. 2d games, with static background, and lifeless artificial people, playing games that have just "numbers" and "icons"(In cards). Despite such a "basic" product the poker companies are literally "ranking it in" through aggressiv marketing. However one day soon, someone will have a better product, and comparable marketing.

How do we get the tens of millions of people who play poker with thier friends to stra playing poker online? We make it more fun, and more realistic.

Solution is Make the game in 3D, so that it can be realistically depicted - like people are used to seeing on TV or more like they are enjoying at their friends' houses. Allow different environments so that people can choose whether to play on a cruise-ship, a casino, a basement bar, or anywhere they please. Variety is the spice of life.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Gaming Operation: Near Future

What does the future hold for operations in Europe?
In the classic 1970's car chase movie 'The Driver', the hardnosed cop played by Bruce Dern is constantly trying to catch out the elusive getway driver played by Ryan O'neal. At one point during one of their many suberbly written verbal exchange, the cop summarises his views on the press. "I always read the newspaper backwards," he says, "starting with the sports pages. That's where the truth is, what happened and how it happened, nothing more.'

It is a work of fiction, but he may be correct. However, it is always intersting to speculate and exchange opinions. As internation gaming and amusement exhibition, the combined ICE and ATEI, we are bombarded with hard facts. New products and what is happening in our professional world right now. But where is it all leading us? By way of something of an antidote to what feels like n unstoppable flow of hard news information, we thought it would be interesting to engage in a little speculation. We can all see What is going on today, but what do some of our so-called 'Blue Sky' thinkers belive might be happening tomorrow? Or even the day after tommorow...?

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Two way TV Betting

Two way TV betting has already began its assault on the market. In less than a year, coule of Two way's betting brands, has gone from a little known games service on cable TV to a across platform gamming brand, with ambitions of offering a smorgasbord of big brand TV products, based on known and trustworthy formats.

Two way TV first launched a 'red button' games service on NTL and Telewest in mid 2005. This was supplemented by a range of affiliate deals with major broadcast channels, including Channel 4 and Flextech Television ( Owner of the largest cable and satellite channels in UK). plating Winner games with just a few button clicks on their remote controls. The company has internet site, and has just announced the first of a number of major affiliate deals focussed solely on mobile and internet. The first deal, with mobile games company, Mad4Games, will soon be complemented by distribution deals with portals, national newspapers and another TV broadcasters.

Once all of it's distribution platforms and major affiliate deals are in place, Two Way Tv promises to start rolling out a range of 'big brand' Tv products across all platfoem - TV, Way TV's betting business, but within the first few moths of the red button service, more than thirty thousands people had tried the service and the channel boasted several thousands active players. Despite it's expansion into other media, telvesion is where Two Way TV intends to remain to remain focused.

Two way TV belives that TV betting is set to evolve dramatically over the next 18 months with the new UK legislation allowing a broad range of betting and gaming product to be distributed on TV by onshore operators. Two Way TV belives that today's crop of "dummy quizzes" so favoured by broadcasters for their premium telephony revenues, will gradually be replaced by big budgt mainstream entertainment betting on TV.

By Casino Software India (CSI)

Online Poker at its Peak, part-1

This article is about where I think poker is going. What's going to happen next, and what trends can we forecast from this. And more importantly, How we as poker room providers, can best grow the market rather than cnnibalise from each other.
Some people think the future is a 'Shared wallet' or 'multi games' from one core hub. Certainly these are all incremental ways of increasing ARUP( Average revenue per user) but none of these measures will actully grow the potentially adressable market. I am going to talk to about one core idea of how to do that. Realism.
lets focus first on why I think people play poker with their friends. Almost everyone does it. If you don't actully play poker yourself, you have a lot of friends who do. Poker is huge, and everyone is playing it at home. But only a fraction of those are playing it online, maybe 5%. Why?

Its been said that people play poker because they like winning. I maitain that this is not the real story. Sure, they love to win, but the main reason they play is that its FUN! Its the new Trivial Pursuit or monopoly. It's a social gathering of your peers, and you enjoy each other's company, over a game of cards. You swear at your friends when they steal a pot from you, and you goad them into calling you when you've got the nuts..or feign goading when you're bluffing. In short, Poker is the new excuse to hang out with your friends for hours on end over a game cards. You chat to each other.. You taunt each other. You swear at your friends when they steal a pot from you, and you goad them into calling you when you've got the nut.. or feiggn goading when you're bluffing. In short, Poker is the new excuse to hang out with your friends for hours on end..Over a game of card.

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